Economies of Measurement

Everything in the new economy is measured, and decisions are made by the millisecond. Trading firms practice routine high-frequency transactions, with adaptive algorithms taking advantage of split-second internet latency. Advertising budgets are allocated to the precise number of eyeballs and finger taps. Product development is done with assistance of white-coated R&D teams using A/B testing and focus groups to identify the perfect formulations. Logistic services calculate the fuel usage of making left turns. Hiring processes are being automated by employing a battery of personality and psychological tests to assess 60-70% of prospective employees.

We've gotten business down to a science. It has helped out the bottom line, but not our employees' mental health.

There is no "one size fits all" theory in the marketplace anymore. Not only that, but companies have taken the past thirty years of research into behavioral sciences and have used them to help redesigned supermarkets sell more cereal, video games addict users, and mobile phone plans maximize profits for the telecom industry. 

And with all our progress, employee stress is on the widespread, depression is rampant and burnout is on the rise. Only roughly 30% of employees in the United States are considered "engaged" at work on any given day. 

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