Know your mood.

Work is such a hard place to have a hard time. You can't tell anyone about a bad meeting. You have to keep a straight face and hide your emotions. Anything less is considered unprofessional.

The problem is that when you consistently mask your mood, it begins to add up.

Minor things become major ones. What was a slightly annoying interaction with a co-worker turns into a frustrating call with a vendor and then a dinner fight with your partner because someone forgot to take out the garbage on time.


Own your mood.

Quantified³ is a way to take those emotions and save them for a later time, when you are able to deal with them more effectively. 

Our system will let you journal at the end of the day, and try to figure out what went wrong with that call or interaction. At the end of the month, you'll even learn patterns about yourself you may have not realized you have.

Your mood is completely your own business.  



What can my boss see?

Your boss can see aggregated data from the entire team, global trends, and points of interest that will be helpful for everyone, not just about you.

Will my boss ever be able to look at my mood data?

Unless you give them explicit permission, no. Your mood is your own. That's why we are HIPAA-compliant and security-conscious. Your personal mood information will never be sold or used to market any products to you.

What if I am spiraling into depression? Will Quantified³ just stand by and do nothing?

Quantified³ has a team of third-party highly-qualified therapists we will privately message you with, offering you the option to talk to someone completely unaffiliated with your organization.

Will I be fired for saving a negative mood on Quantified³?

No. Your company will never see your mood data, and as such, will never be able to identify that you saved that specific mood.