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For the intelligent workplace.

Manage your projects better.

Quantified³ can integrate with your project management solution, so you can know the general mood and efficiency of your team. 

The Quantified³ dashboard will give you a high level assessment of events happening under you. 

Clarify your own bias.

Using the same platform as your employees, you can learn about your strengths and weaknesses as a manager, and play to them.

Create a smarter open door.

Diffuse confrontation before it begins. When an employee requests a meeting with their mood and project data, you can have a discussion about the item at hand without making it personal.


Manage your team better.

Managers aren't always born, they are made. With Quantified³ insights, you will get a bit of direction into how to manage the team you have, with all the weird parts.

Be present. Manage in the now.

Would you invest millions based on the result of a single report? So why do you base your HR intelligence from a single survey taken once a year?

Each employee represents a sizable investment on the part of you and your company, treat them as such. Run the HR department by the numbers, like you would have the marketing or R&D departments run. Just with a bit more empathy.


What happens on the ground affects your bottom line. You don't want to be the last person to find out.

When your organization expands beyond a certain size, it is very difficult to know what is actually happening in each department. If more than half of your sales team is having a bad day, it can result in larger problems down the road. If your engineering team is overly stressed, you can work on refocusing their target for the day, week, month or quarter.


We already spent a ton of money on our yearly satisfaction/engagement survey. Why do we need this?

Surveys are limiting, biased and problematic for a number of reasons. While they are able to inform you about higher level issues, Quantified³ is able to tell you on a day-to-day and department-by-department level what is really happening.



Do we really want our employees to be pressing buttons on their phone when they should be doing work?

Employees already check their phones, on average, 9 times an hour. By forcing the employee to take a minute and focus on their current mood, the Quantified³ solution actually helps them diffuse a particularly stressful event and move on. One bad meeting won't ruin a whole day of work.


Company Insight Engine

Quantified³ can give you insights into behavior patterns among employees that you may have missed. With this knowledge, you will be able to implement solutions and see tabulated results in a fraction of time it would take with traditional engagement surveys.

Potential Examples

Employees who write too many emails or schedule too many meetings feel less productive (and more stressed) than those who have many fewer.

Some employees start regularly exhibiting increased stress in the days before payday, and the contagious nature of moods cause the negativity to permeate the other members of the team.

Identify the optimal sales quota and compensation plan for an employee type, based on how the employee reacts to incentives and responds to pressure.

Positive productivity begins to rise after a mini four-day vacation, more than the positive productivity following a two-week vacation.


Clusters of dysfunction begin to form after meetings with a specific manager, causing spans of disengagement for employees lasting the rest of the day.